SMS Text Betting Software

Our SMS Text Betting Software enables bookmakers to reach greater revenues using a medium which is available to 96 per cent of the global population. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing betting software rather than provide a replacement for it.

Overview of features:

Secure text messaging

We use secure SMS text messages, provided by our ISO 27001 certified partner BettorLogic, which allows customers to place bets on sports and quickly receive notification of its acceptance.

Bet recognition engine

The bet recognition engine maps a customer bet sent via text message to an existing bet available by the bookmaker. 

Anti-fraud measures

The bet acceptance algorithm makes decisions on genuine and fraudulent bets. When a decision cannot be made it is escalated to customer services as a pending bet where they can either manually amend or confirm a bet with the customer.

Integrate XML based API

SMS Text Betting is hosted by Bet Fast and is offered as SaaS (software as a service). It has been developed with flexibility in mind so that it allows fluid integration with your existing betting software.

End user screening

When a bet is received via text message our system checks this number corresponds to an active account before proceeding any further.

Customer service portal

To manage and administer betting activity we have created a web based portal for bookmakers and stadiums. Through this portal you can accept, decline and modify bets placed.

Management reporting tool

To assist you with reporting we have created a number of predefined reports that can be generated via the customer portal.